Hi All its been awhile.

I Wanted to pass along the Schedule for the month on November.

Hello all writers,

Hope Nanowrimo is going well for those whom are participating. (We are now 3 days in and your word count should be at
5001). To help with this and to help with getting started or over writers block. We have set up some virtual Write-ins
Throughout the month of November. All Virtual events will be held on Youtube… These events will be public so no you
tube account will be needed. Just follow the link in the email and I (we) will see you on line.

As a reminder Our next monthly meeting will be Wednesday November 6 @ 6pm. We are holding meetings at the
Hutchinson Public Library in the meeting room.

The Write in Announcement is below.

Online write-in hosted by “Crow River Quill and Ink Society”(Hutchinson area writing Group)

< https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYQtCJkdGvEBwRZ5-D8qrTg?view_as=public >

The Crow River Quill and Ink Society. cordially invites you to our to our online write-ins! This will Help you boost your
word count Nanowrimo, Breakthrough writing blocks, and introduce you to new friends. (real and imagined.)

In these events we will cover a wide variety of topics…

Word sprints,
Timed writing,
Writing games,
First lines,
Last lines,

And anything else that may send us down the rabbit hole.

So if you want a writing buddy or just some encouragement. Join us online though out the month of November.

Sundays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays. (6pm ish)

Most times will be in the evenings Starting at 6pm (Though pop up events may happen so keep an eye out for updated

Hope to see you all there!

Christopher T Guthrie
Host- CRQ&IS

Youtube link below Click or past in your browser


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